Friday, June 29, 2012

A Little Update

A few new items have just been added to my Etsy shop. Not too many, just a few. It sure seems like I haven't been working as hard as I've been working when I look at my online stock. It's pretty low, huh? Well don't be fooled. I am working like crazy, firing the kiln around the clock (which you can help me change-- click to learn more.) I am working on a hugely awesome, hugely huge order right now... that I can't say much more about quite yet. Secrets will be revealed later, promise. 

I will say I've thrown my way through a few hundred pounds of clay in the past few weeks. Not only am I throwing pieces for my secret order, but I am also making lots of little things to share with all of you. I say little because I am trying to make pieces I can squeeze into the kiln around the bigger pieces I absolutely must fire for this order. Again, it's the small kiln woes. I'm also throwing some big stuff for you guys too, that's just going to take a little longer to find it's way into the kiln.
Working on large orders always make me freak out a little. I love a challenge, don't get me wrong, but I make everything so much harder for myself than it needs to be. (Remind me I admitted that the next time I freak out.) I've been working to understand why I go a little crazy over these orders and I've determined that it's all about the monotony. For each order I make more than double the number of pieces I actually need for the order. I do this not in case something goes wrong, or in case something breaks but for when something goes wrong and when something breaks. Which is smart, yea, but it's literally double the work. And then I start to feel like all I'm ever doing is making the same form over, and over, and over, and over... I get bored (so bored!). That's something about me. I get bored very easily. 
So the entire time I'm working on these big orders and making double the work I'm also fighting against my own utter boredom. There is something about pushing the pause button on creativity that feels like miserable, painful, soul death when it's happening (and that's where I've been for a few weeks). My hands have been working long hours but my mind, heart, all of that hasn't been in the picture like at all. Repetition is way too boring for my soul. Somewhere along the way the parts of me that make me "me" just checked out. 
But then there's a breakthrough moment that bursts right through the boredom. And that is where I am now. Thank god. I did lots of thinking while I was "away" and decided a few things, that again I can't share quite yet. But there are changes coming. Good changes. Colors, shapes, textures and a little sparkle, as in real sparkle, like metallic sparkle. No more clues! You'll have to stay tuned to learn more! Have a great weekend!