Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lights, Camera... You know the rest!

Yup. I told you this was exciting! Here is how I spent today in my studio:

Any other potters regularly throw in dresses and tights? We should be best friends. 

I'm not sure when the segment will air, but the feature is called: Made in the Carolinas. It will be online, youtube, cable, all of that. I will be sure to pass along the information literally the moment I have it!

I am completely filled with awe and appreciation for the awesome connections I've made since starting my business. A big cyber hug to Michelle Smith who set this into motion for me, and who is behind some of the most inspiring creative projects coming out of our entire state. She's amazing. Visit her site, you'll thank me.

Thank you all for being a part of my journey! I'm loving each and every moment of this creative life.

Monday, July 9, 2012

New Studio (Part One)

I've been working these past few weeks to completely redo my studio. I'm trying to change as much as possible, realizing my previous set-up and the dozen or so before that seriously just didn't work. Well they worked in the sense that I made them work, but we're talking about a multi-level, multi-room studio explosion that ate my house at some point. Remember when I was glazing in my kitchen?  Craziness. Enough already.

(I'm pretty sure Luke agrees. Enough. Already.)

I've been busily pinning on my Studio pinterest board and it's all beginning to come into focus. My dining room is gone. Replaced now by a crisp, clean office space. I'll have more pictures coming, but for now he's a sneak peek:

(That desk needs a plant, don't you think? Pretty flowers in a nice little pot. Yup,  that's decided.)

My entire house has an open, circular floor plan which is something that in the past has made it difficult for me to shift into "work life" and "home life" at the right hours of the day. Often I'm bouncing around doing both, or neither, or the wrong one at the wrong time. Then Kim had a brilliant idea. Why remain limited to the intended set-up of the house? The biggest room which also happens to be the room you first walk into, and which is connected to my dining room has always been quite obviously, our living room. This big open room also leads outside to the beautiful screen porch and wooded backyard (my own private escape in this city and the single deciding factor to rent this property). 

It's a great room. Lots of natural light, doors to both the front of the house and the porch and easy flow into my office and the back of the house. Using this as the living room just made sense. Not any more. As of today. This room is now my studio. Our studio, as Kim will be working in there too. Two artists in one house, it really only makes sense that this room becomes a large open studio. Feelings of relief even typing that. It's going to be amazing.

My brother arrives this evening in just a few hours and he will be helping us to make this transformation happen in record time. Moving the studio in is the easy part and certainly the most fun part (lots of Ikea shopping yesterday). I can't wait to decorate! There is also the slightly less fun part and probably harder part which involves disassembling our entire living room and then setting it up as our new "lounge" in what was the spare bedroom. Lots of work and not a lot of time. We have just about 32 hours to finish everything. Why the rush? Well, that's exciting news... Something very cool is about to happen! I'll have pictures and quite the story to share with you all on Wednesday. Until then I leave you with the same excitement and suspense I'm currently feeling!